I’m really feeling this whole, writing out my feelings on Sunday, thing. Sundays, especially in the winter, just feel like a good day to cozy up under a fleece and write/read/color. Right now there’s like eight inches of snow on the ground too so that makes it feel that much more appropriate. I love that anyone who lives in a cold climate at this time of year is given permission to hibernate. It’s not expected of you to go outside when you get home from work. It’s totally understandable if you choose to snuggle, binge watch TV, and relax over going out. It’s cold. The days are short. So yes. I’m going to choose to sit inside, color in my new Pusheen coloring book (the best!), and watch This is Us.

Mhm. I’m on the This is Us bandwagon. I’m hooked! Like I really needed one more thing to make me cry in my daily life, yeesh. That show, man. I cry like twenty million times per episode. I do this thing all the time where I find a show, watch the crap out of it, obsess over the family to the point where I wish so badly  to be part of what they have, and then it goes away or I finish the series and I’m sad. For example, families of the past include: the Gellars, the Drapers, the Bravermans, and the Gilmores. Hey, I’m not saying all these families are functional. In fact I think the common thread here is that they’re dysfunctional and real.

Well, now I can add in the Pearsons.


I read in like every news sources known to man that this is the year that the concept/feel of Hygge is coming to America. We’ll never stop romanticizing the things that the Danish people do, will we?

I don’t understand why THIS IS THE YEAR. Hasn’t this existed all along for us? Who doesn’t embrace hygge? Isn’t that what we all yearn for at the end of the day? Work/life balance, time with family/friends, genuine conversations, time to yourself to do the things that make you feel alive, connecting with the earth and art, and feeling safe/warm/cozy while the world rages on. I know it’s not just me. But now that we have A WORD FOR IT it’s ALL THE RAGE. I thought it was more of a human thing so many of us seek.

In addition to being about “coziness,” PBS describes hygge by saying:

Simply, hygge is about living in the moment. It’s about spending quality, peaceful time in a calm environment with no agenda. It’s about humor, warmth and making connections. It’s about spending time alone and spending time with family. And it vanishes the moment your to-do list gets involved.

All I know is, 2017 is the year that there is finally a word to describe how I’ve chosen to live my adult life and things I put value into. So that’s cool I guess?

I think the most hygge thing I saw this past week were these two old women drinking coffee, eating donuts, and laughing together through the window of a Dunkin Donuts I walked by. They looked so genuinely happy. I imagine they weren’t concerned about much else than the conversation they were having. No cell phones. No social media. It was freezing outside- blustery and gray- and they looked so warm and joyful sitting in this Dunkin Donuts together on a random Wednesday afternoon.


Side note: it literally just hit me that this could be me soon as one of my best friends is about to move like a twenty minute walk from my house. We’ll be able to have coffee dates together! We’ll be able to be friends live in person! The best.

During my winter hibernation, I don’t just watch TV. There’s movies too! I kid, I kid. Although, Will and I saw Rogue One (finally) yesterday during the snow storm and it was fantastic. The ending was so satisfying and cathartic. This is a no spoiler zone, no worries.

As I was saying, I don’t just watch TV- but have you been watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hill?! Dorit is officially on my shit list. Crossing Erika and Eileen in one episode? No no no. Also, I used to not “get” Lisa Vanderpump. But she’s grown on me a lot. I get the LVP love now. My favorite side of her actually comes out in Vanderpump Rules when she totally owns the young hooligans working for her. Speaking of VPR- which trip would YOU go on? Stassi’s or Arianna’s? Or would you pull a Lala and bail? I think it says a lot about who you are! I’d definitely want to be at Arianna’s birthday getaway. There were more boys! I tend to gel better with boys. More fun- less drama!

I think that’s why I haven’t been a bridesmaid in a wedding yet. Will just got asked to be a best man in a wedding and he said, wow now I will have been in four weddings. And I was like, WTF- I’ve been in ZERO weddings! I’ve gone to many, but never been in the wedding party. I’ve never really been a girl’s girl (whatever that means). I’ve always gotten along better with guys and a lot of my best friends are boys. In order to be friends with a girl, the girl has to be super chill. When girls start drama- I’m so so so out. Don’t get me wrong, I have some pretty amazing female friends, but it’s a lot harder for me to feel comfortable with women and to trust them. SO if you’re a female and you’re my friend- your basically gold to me now, but there was probably a point in our early relationship where I was super skeptical of you and assumed you didn’t like me.

To be fair, Will reminded me that none of my closest female friends have gotten married yet and I also have three younger sisters. He thinks I’ll pass him eventually. Slow and steady wins the race? Good things come to those who wait?

But hey, I should probably stop overthinking these issues wrapped around social constructs- amiright? It’s 2017, Allison. C’MON.

I just got TOTALLY derailed. I was TRYING to say my life doesn’t revolve around television. How did we get this deep?

For proof of my television-less existence, this past week, I planned out my big vacations for the year! The one nearest to coming up is Will and I’s trip to London in March. Heart eyes emoji! I started looking at where to eat. I already know pretty much everything I want to do there- I’m such an anglophile and after Russian history, British history was always my favorite (if you’re out of the loop- I was a history major in college). I’ve had a long list of what I want to do in England/London for quite some time.

I’m still taking recommendations though! Throw them my way if you got em.

For now, I’m going to keep hygge-ing it up. I’m about to cook dinner in some soft lighting while listening to a good audiobook and making glances at the snow sitting outside.

Until next time-


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